The Right Door Speaker Series

These free and low-cost events for parents and professionals are sponsored by The Right Door as a service to the community. We are currently in the planning phase of our Speaker Series, so please check back soon for a list upcoming speakers. Or contact us to receive our monthly email, with up-to-date information about workshops and events at The Right Door.


Workshops at The Right Door are held throughout the year, hosted and facilitated by the speakers themselves. Interested participants should contact the workshop provider directly to sign up. See below for more information. New workshops are continuously added. Contact us to receive our monthly email, with up-to-date information about workshops and events at The Right Door.

Upcoming Workshops

Embrace Your Intuition
with Jessica Boyer, Intuitive Medium

Thursdays, 7:30-9:30pm
January 9, 16, 23 and 30
$250 for the four-week series
In this workshop series, Intuitive Medium Jessica Boyer will host about 10-12 people to focus on the development of their own intuition. Believing that all people are intuitive, Jessica will lead the group in meditations and exercises designed to bring the innate wisdom that lies within each of us to the surface. The group will provide a safe space in which we can lift each other up and embrace our own gifts. We will see, hear and validate each other. It will be a soft space where you can practice connecting to your own guides and loved one, do it for others (if you wish) and receive validation from Jessica that you are indeed highly intuitive. For more information, please email or visit her website:

Launching Yourself Into Life
with Sara Weidman, Academic Coach
and Richard King, MFT

Thursdays, 7:30–9 pm
Dates TBD
TThis workshop is designed for young adults (ages 18-26) who would like support as they launch themselves into life. Topics include:
• Reflecting on what a gap year means
• Utilizing your learning profile to your advantage
• Developing tools for family/work/life balance
• What it truly means to be independent

For more information or to register, please visit, or contact Sarah ( or Richard King( for more information.


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San Francisco, California 94127