At The Right Door

  • Jennifer Taylor, J.D.
    Educational Consultant and Placement Services
  • Sarah Weidman
    Academic Coach

Jennifer Taylor, J.D.

Jennifer Taylor, leads JET ED Consulting (, and specializes in helping families find educational and therapeutic programs and schools for their child. Her resources include wilderness therapy, residential treatment and therapeutic boarding schools. A graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of San Francisco School of Law, she is a nationally published author, speaker and advocate on issues of parenting, education, special needs children and adolescent mental health. The parent of three children who needed boarding or therapeutic options for education, Jennifer brings incredible empathy to her work. In her free time, Jennifer shows her passion by facilitating a parent support group, Willows In the Wind ( She is President of the Board of the Therapeutic Consultants Association ( and a Professional Member of IECA (

Sarah Weidman

Sarah Weidman is an Academic Life Coach, working with stressed out teens who are overwhelmed by school pressure to help them get their work done without the stress. As a classroom teacher for over ten years she knows that not being able to produce because of poor time-management and organization can feel insufferable! She works with students from late elementary through graduate school, and her approach is as unique as the students with whom she works. The program in which Sarah uses serves students from late elementary through university and those with learning differences and those who are simply overwhelmed. Many of her clients have been diagnosed with AD(H)D, issues with working memory and executive functioning skills. Other students simply feel overwhelmed by the amount of academic, social, and family obligations and are seeking help to manage their time so that they feel that they are able to get everything done while still enjoying extra-curricular activities and downtime. There is structured format for the sessions (virtual or in person), but each plan is personalized depending on each student’s unique set of talents and challenges. When appropriate, she integrates the practice of mindfulness and yoga techniques for calm, energy and focus. For more information or to schedule with Sarah, please visit

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