Psychoeducational Evaluations

A Psychoeducational Evaluation can be a powerful tool for understanding and advocacy. By providing a thorough assessment of cognitive, academic and social-emotional domains, the evaluation results deepen parents’ understanding of their child so that they can make more informed decisions about their child’s future. When shared with school staff and outside support providers, the evaluation can also serve as a bridge between the child and the support services that he or she needs. For older adolescents and college students, a psychoeducational evaluation can help them understand their own strengths and challenges and how to advocate for themselves in an educational setting.

At The Right Door

Rebecca MurrayMetzger, Psy.D. specializes in providing comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations for children, adolescents, college and graduate students. Using standardized assessment measures, behavioral observations and professional expertise, she identifies strengths and challenges and maps out a plan to help the child or young adult succeed. Her evaluations result in parent and teacher-friendly written reports, including detailed suggestions for home, school and other interventions. She also provides ongoing support for families who are collaborating with teachers and learning specialists, including guidance for public school parents who are navigating the special education process (e.g. 504/IEP’s). To contact Rebecca and learn more about her practice, please see her website at


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